Frequently asked questions

Why Kitty?

Because it is essentially a miniature portable DAC and Amplifier 'kit'. Besides, our Creative Director is a cat person)

Is Kitty a true plug&play?

Sure, with Windows® 10 Creators Update, OSX® 10.6.4, iOS™ 10.X, Android™ 5 or later versions. Use Android audio players that support USB DACs. Earlier Windows versions require driver provided by Speakertec.

Is Linux supported?

Kitty should work under Linux with kernel version 3 or later. It has not been properly tested  yet. We will update this section later once testing is complete.

Are DAC modules hot swappable?

Not in Carrier v1. Please make sure to disconnect USB cable prior to DAC change. Inserting DAC into powered Carrier may cause permanent damage or sudden volume change.

Are DAC modules CompactFlash compatibe?

No, mechanically they are identical but different at electrical and signal level. Do not insert any CF cards into the carrier or DAC modules into CF slot. It will cause damage to the equipment.

Do you plan to offer NOS DAC modules?

Yes. We have Analog Devices AD5791 based module in the works and some TI based parts. If you are on a subscription plan, you will receive new DAC modules ahead of general availability.

How your module design impacts DAC performance?

Our design pattern is very consistent not only within one family but across the whole ecosystem. We carefully follow and in most cases exceed vendor's guidelines to make sure every DAC is presented as its creators planned.

How many filter options are supported?

It is completely DAC dependent. Check individual specs here. Carrier's control CPU reads configuration data from the DAC module during boot time.

Is volume control bit perfect?

Carrier V1 uses 32 bit volume attenuator built into DACs. With 16 or 24 bit material it provides effectively bit-perfect control. More in-depth info can be found here. Carrier V2 may support analog control as well.

Which Apple USB adapter can you recommend?

Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter

Are my headphones supported?

Kitty officially supports any headphones with an impedance between 16 and 600 Ohm. To provide you with an accurate answer your listening level and headphones sensitivity must be taken into consideration. We recommend using any free tool to verify. For example, let's say Sennheiser 300 Ohm/96.8db/mw headphones would reach more than110 dB SPL at 2.8 rms Kitty output. You can also use 16 Ohm headphones with Kitty @ 2x140mW max output. Kitty can deliver 2x180mW into 32 Ohm.

Noise in the output in Android with certain audio players

Some Android phones exhibit an issue with Android volume control distorting audio stream with USB DAC playback. Solution: make sure Android media volume is 100% and toggle off volume control in your player if any.

Can you recommend a preferred audio player application?

Most of the players on the market are Kitty compatible so it is a matter of personal choice but Hiby Music and JRiver Media Center may be a good starting point being cross platform applications.