Same music, different sound.
Have you ever wondered why the same album in your music collection sounds different after each audio gear upgrade? Were you shocked and surprised that some tracks might be a lot better, and some might be a lot worse? Those dull and flat records you never listened to suddenly opened up with a lot of air and character, while your favourite tracks sounded harsh and cold.

What causes it?
A new amplifier or headphones may trigger the change, but the most significant impact is likely to come from new Digital-to-Analog Converter (aka DAC). Vinyl is great, but digital media requires DACs to translate the binary stream of "ones" and "zeroes" into an audible signal. 

Why is DAC a culprit?
Being the most complex element of the audio path between your music library and your ears, every DAC has its unique sonic signature and sound colour. Subsequently, audiophile community is divided into DAC fan groups endlessly fighting for an audio crown.

Which DAC is better?
Truth is... all leading DACs are great. It is a hard pill to swallow, but there is no such thing as “best DAC”. Just like fine dining requires careful food and wine matching, DACs deliver their full potential only with specific music material.

SoundMatch™ Technology.
Given that your music preferences are fixed, but every DAC produces different results, maybe just pick the right DAC for the track? Imagine you could swap DACs instantly to match the album? 

Give Kitty a HiFive

Meet first truly modular portable DAC and headphone amplifier kit, which is designed for infinite configuration with upgradable carrier (interface & amplifier) module and instantly swappable a-la-carte DAC cards leveraging solutions from leading audio vendors1.

Bespoke Audio

Kitty’s modules can be swapped in seconds to match DAC’s unique sonic signature with listener’s mood or music character. Pick punchy, dynamic converter for rock lovers, velvet and silky-smooth module for jazz aficionados or airy, detailed performer for classic experts2.


Don’t be confused by avant-garde design. The sonic performance has not been sacrificed at the altar of modularity. Top grade components, careful layout, multiple power supplies to minimize current loops, differential audio path and strict adherence to supplier’s design guidelines bring the best out of every DAC.

‘I did it my way’

Modularity may be seen as a fun concept or as an essential tool, a swiss army knife of audio path control. Every critical part of Kitty is either interchangeable or upgradeable to make sure you have your sound ‘your way’3.

Unlimited Audio finesse

Do you know that every modern DAC comes with a set of digital filter presets having direct impact on sound colour and tonality? Kitty supports cycling through presets with the same volume rocker. Choose between slow or fast roll-off, linear or minimum phase or whatever DAC has to offer4.

No more silly rubber bands

Slick and elegant magnetic lock reliably holds Kitty in place at the back of your phone or tablet. Just attach Kitty logo to your phone case and slip combo into your pocket5.

Battery charges

It is a flight boarding time again but you forgot to charge your DAC. Duh! Wait, charge what? Kitty was designed for mobile applications and is conveniently powered from phone's USB port to deliver hours of untethered listening pleasure.

Featherweight champion

Credit card (86 x 56 mm) sized, just 7.7 mm thick and weighing only 50 grams, Kitty was designed from the ground up as a perfect mobile companion.

Usability first

The volume rocker is edge mounted to enable a quick volume change with just one finger. All interfaces located on the same side for clutter free routing. Tiny, flexible cable interconnects for pocketability.

Zero setup

Kitty is plug-and-play with Mac (OSX 10.6.4+), PC (Windows 10.0.15+), iOS(10.3.3+) or Android(6.0.1+)making it one of the easiest ways to bring your digital audio files to life. Earlier Windows versions are supported via provided driver6.

Partner Acceptance Factor

Kitty’s secret recipe uses only top components and quality workmanship. With a touch of creativity on the top. No posh Swarovsky crystals or gold plated everything. Your purchase receipt is going to match what you said you paid)7

Stay in vogue

There's nothing worse than buying shiny new toy only to discover that it has become the old model almost immediately after purchase. Kitty has a lowest degree of obsolescence vs. investment among its rivals due to modularity8.

Bag it? No, Accessorize it!

Tired of bland packaging boxes gathering dust in the closet? Kitty comes in the cute little travel bagthat can hold up to one carrier, five DACs and a set of cables.

1) Including but not limited to ESS Technology, Asahi Kasei Microdevices, Cirrus Logic
2) Carrier v1 is not hot swappable. Unplug USB cable prior to DAC change
3) USB bridge and Amplifier are only upgradeable together
4) Artistic representation. Check actual DAC module filter characteristics
5) Attaching logo directly to the phone is not recommended due to strong adhesive
6) 32-bit and DSD are supported by audio player applications
7) Kitty cards are an artistic representation only and not affiliated with any financial organisations
8) Subscription service